VCI films/Rolls and Bags

VCI film protects metal from rust and corrosion in two ways - it serves as a physical barrier Against moisture, dust or contaminants,

Rustcon Honeycomb Paper Wrap

Rustcon’s HC Paper Wrap is an Eco - Friendly alternative for wrapping light and fragile items. It is an excellent alternative to plastic bubble wrap..

VCI Paper

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Rust Preventive Oil

Rustcon offers a wide range of RPO’s these products are free flowing liquids consisting of film forming agents,

Rustcon Honeycomb void fill

Rustcon’s HC Void-Fill is a proprietary product developed and Innovated by Rustcon India. This product takes 33% less space compared to traditional void fill options while providing superior  Damage protection.

Aluminium Barrier Bags

Aluminium barrier foils are ideally used for packaging of food products or from equipment packaging for long term storage and transportation.